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Buying your prescription glasses

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Buying your prescription glasses

The glasses without frames are born as a response to a need, to minimize the aesthetic impact that these accessories have on your face. They arise at a time when contact lenses still did not offer the comfort of today, so they looked for a product that could complement their use without altering the image of the wearer. Nowadays, things have changed: prescription glasses are fashionable and have lost all the negative connotations they had in the past.

They are complements of the last tendency that shine even though they are not needed. In this context, rimless glasses have become the option of those who seek glasses that do not alter their face and let see their own personality. They are associated with the intellectual and executive world, and they transmit great professionalism.

The rimless glasses come back this year to ensure you a successful bet. Comfortable, simple and very light, they fit perfectly to your features so that your look looks like never before. The design of the temples and the trend colours of this season will give you the current style you are looking for. Choose your favourite cheap rimless!

The glasses on the air have two independent lenses without the frame that surrounds them, united through a bridge that can be attached to them by different methods. The temples can be made of metal, titanium or paste. In the rimless glasses always use very light materials that give these glasses an ethereal feeling that the others do not have and that, depending on the colour we choose, can give the impression of being flying over the face.

For both women and men, prescription glasses (monofocal or progressive) have complimented it. This season they are worn with vibrant and daring colours, but also in neutral tones to put the finishing touch to the most timeless looks. The half frame wins followers among those looking for a more classic look, and the aviator style and round frames are among the most sought-after trends of the most daring.

The designers propose each season their new trends in glasses. Well-known brands also surprise with original and fun glasses, which you can find exclusively in our optics. Say goodbye to the contact lenses and find your perfect frame with graduated lenses, either monofocal or progressive. Fashion and the best offers await you in cheap rimless frames!

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