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How to choose the best K-pop fashion shop

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How to choose the best K-pop fashion shop


Looking for the best k-pop fashion can be a real hassle, especially if you are looking for quality clothing lines and a true k-pop style, as seen by your favorite k-pop stars. So what makes a great k-pop fashion shop? Here are the top 3 indicators:

1.) Are the styles you see similar or even the same to those worn by k-pop idols?  Some may advertise that they sell k-pop fashion but what they are actually selling is young urban korean fashion. So if you are looking specifically for k-pop idol fashion check out the similarity of styles with that worn by the stars themselves.

2.) Is the range of styles good? The best and biggest shops offer a wide range of styles to fit your purpose like casual, semi-casual and formal k-pop fashion. If you see only a few listings, that doesn¡¯t mean that the seller is bad but the company is likely smaller and can¡¯t offer a premium quality service or products

3.) Does the website offer clothing items at reasonable items? Original k-pop fashion should be sold in fair and affordable prices that aren¡¯t ridiculously low (like in fellow asian sites) or high. A fair price range would be anywhere between $25-60

We at k-dom have all these and more benefits to offer to you. Just check our wide range here.

K-pop fashion 2017 trends

2016 is over and the year has brought in many interesting fashion trends like choker necklaces, back packs, and EXO hoodie, which have also influenced the k-pop fashion style as well. For 2017, some trends are expected to remain the same while new ones will most likely emerge. Here they are:

1.The unisex back-pack. Back packs are also expected to be a huge trend in 2017 as well. They are practical, cute, and can be sported by both sexes. Check out our back pack range here:

2.The college-style 80¡¯s hoodie. Hoodies with numbers have been worn by students for ages and they are a favorite trend of k-pop idols as well, especially on casual performances.

3.The PU leather and graffiti jacket. PU leather and graffiti details have been worn lately by many kpop bands like this one here

4.The BTS Shirts , as of late 2016, velour was denounced the absolute trend of autumn/winter of 2016-2017 with mostly female styles hitting the shelves online and offline. In 2017, the trend is expected to spread in male styles as well.

5.The multi-color socks. Forget about boring looking solid socks. Socks in all colors and patterns are in for 2017 and don¡¯t be embarrassed if you are wearing two unmatched socks. They are actually in fashion.

For more detail click http://www.kpopshop.net/boy-groups-bts-c-3_34.html


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