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Windsor Street Capital – Raising Capital for Emerging Companies

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Windsor Street Capital – Raising Capital for Emerging Companies

Windsor Street Capital – Raising Capital for Emerging Companies

Raising Capital can be an overwhelming process for most emerging companies. At Windsor Street Capital we help emerging growth companies in healthcare, technology and digital media make the process not only easier, we guide you to construct an optimal financial future. It’s important to build a long-term relationship that will guide your company through all cycles of growth.

It’s extremely important to choose the advisor who has in depth understanding of your industry and has a network within the industry to help your company with capital raising and other advisory services. It’s imperative for a young company to get their financing on good terms and not get into a potentially toxic structure that can either limit future growth or even destroy the future of the company. Experts at Windsor Street Capital always consider all the variables that might have an effect on your capital structure and always think about custom tailored financing solutions.

Initial Public Offerings

There are tremendous benefits of going public if your company fits a certain profile. It can provide the needed liquidity to continue growing your business, help hire and retain key employees, provide an exit for earlier investors and increase prestige and capabilities of your company. Investment bankers at Windsor Street Capital have the expertise to help you keep focused on your business and strategic priorities during an IPO.

Private Placements

Our main goal is to save you time and money and to keep you in control of your company. We have developed an extensive network of investors who also understand your industry and are looking for growth companies with great management teams. It’s very important to have a highly experienced advisor that will help you structure and negotiate the terms of a private placement, we will manage the process end-to-end, from initial positioning to final negotiations.

Bridge Loans

When your company needs to satisfy short - and medium - term capital requirements for growth or to stabilize your business, investment banking professionals at Windsor Street Capital will guide to an excellent solution. The goal is to help you get your gap financing at lower rates, with lower fees and properly negotiate limits on the rights of the underwrites, as well as all legal terms.

Secondary Offerings

At times companies require additional capital to refinance or to grow their business through a secondary offering. We have a very strong network of institutional and private investors who are interested in purchasing securities through a secondary offering.  We can also create a syndicate to help distribute the shares of your company. Since the pricing of the secondary offering is a negotiated process our investment bankers always try to get you the best deal possible during current market conditions.

Syndicate Offerings

Investment bankers at Windsor Street Capital are experts at helping your company raise capital through an equity or fixed income syndicate offering. We work with an extensive network of regional and national investment banking firms in order to provide you with an advantageously structured transaction. Our bankers have completed a number of successful syndicate offerings and will advise you on how to reach your goals in diverse setting of market conditions.

About Windsor Street Capital

Founded in 1993 Windsor Street Capital is a full-service broker-dealer committed to providing clients with outstanding personal attention in a wide range of financial services for over 23 years. This approach distinguishes us in the industry, and accounts for our outstanding record of long-term stability and growth.

We recognize that each individual client has a separate and unique set of investment goals. It’s critical that our goals and objectives are totally aligned with those of the clients. We invest a substantial amount of time understanding the objectives of our clients and assessing our ability to meet those objectives prior to our engagement. We are dedicated to providing value for our clients by devising the most appropriate strategies based on careful analysis of their risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Many of our clients told us that they feel that our financial advisors at Windsor Street Capital have become part of their family and have added a very meaningful advice. We always want to help our clients reach their financial goals, improve their relationship and add a sense of security in their lives. Our job is to always be there for your family, especially during the times when you feel overwhelmed and might make a decision based on overthinking or overreaction.

For more information please contact a financial advisor at Windsor Street Capital.

Call us at 1-800-606-4400







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