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Hair Transplantation cost in Pakistan

hair transplant

Hair Transplantation cost in Pakistan

Hair Transplantation cost in Pakistan

Hair transplantation is basically a surgical technique that moves hair follicles of a person from a part of the body called the ‘donor site’ to balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’. It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. In Pakistan several techniques introduced for hair transplantation:

Common hair transplantation techniques include Strip excision harvesting procedure, Follicular unit extraction (FUE), Follicular unit transplant, Robotic hair restoration and the micro or immigrant techniques. The FUT or follicular unit technique is more patient friendly that’s why it’s more popular among hair transplantation techniques.

FUE hair transplant:

It is the latest and most popular method of hair transplant in Pakistan, and it is for both male and female. FUE hair transplant is very costly abroad people, which can afford an FUE hair transplant visit different countries to solve their hair problems but now FUE transplantation technique has been introduced in Pakistan. People can now have FUE hair transplant in Pakistan which is less costly as compared to other countries. FUE hair transplant cost in Pakistan is based on number of follicles o transplant.  It is the best in Pakistan where all techniques available and performed by expert and experienced hands.it has a better outcome therefore it is very popular technique. It’s for people who are suffering from small areas of baldness

Non-surgical hair transplant in Pakistan or FUT can be a wonderful option for people who are suffering from significant hair loss and like having a full head of hair without surgery.it requires a hair base system which includes mesh fabric and polymers. Mesh fabrics are usually made of polyester or nylon and are used to create the fine hairline. In some cases, they are used throughout the entire system, which provides a very natural, lifelike appearance but is not for long-term use. Polymers are made of either silicone or polyurethane. Non-surgical hair transplant is best suited to people who are in cold areas

Artificial hair transplant in Pakistan is also a technique which has more side effects as compared to other methods of hair transplant. But for Artificial hair transplant in Pakistan doctors first make sure “Patients high risks Allergic” to synthetic material, Allergic to local anesthesia, immune system diseases, Ongoing scalp infection etc.

FEU hair transplantation prevailing in Pakistan due to best availability of surgeons, better results and less painful procedure. It gives very natural look, detectable and invisible results. Grafted hairs shed after 2 weeks of surgery. Regrowth starts after three months with the same growth rate as natural. See the website http://www.hairtransplantinpakistan.com/




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Hair fall and balness will no more exist, since we are offering the treatment of balness at lahore clinic. Hair transplantation is done by using latest technology.

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